Our Strategy

SI Group delivers products for a changing world. With performance requirements increasing, SI Group products and solutions are The Substance Inside—making our customers’ products better, safer, stronger, more efficient, and of greater value.

Our two-pronged strategy is centered on Continuous Improvement of our core business through business excellence and Intelligent Expansion, adding complementary products and technologies in support of our focus on global megatrends.

Four global megatrends—Environment, Resource Scarcity, Mobility, and Changing Demographics—serve as guideposts, and help shape the solutions we develop through chemistry. Lower emissions, better fuel economy, advanced fuel & lubricant additives, more efficient building materials, and enhanced oil recovery are just a few of these solutions.

As we embark on this strategy, we preserve the treasured qualities our business partners have come to expect from us. We are eternally committed to our guiding principles, superior product quality, relentless pursuit of environmental safety, and strong business relationships. And we do so with inspired enthusiasm, agility, and intelligent chemistry that is second to none. We will play off our core strengths while expanding our reach.

We are The Substance Inside.