Pure Manufacturing Expertise

Our facilities are renowned for their capacity, efficiency, precision monitoring technology, safety, and flexibility. The agility we've built into our facilities and processes allows SI Group to quickly monitor and allocate capacity across our global network. The result is our unique ability to meet up-to-the-moment demand—giving you increased control, nimble adaptability, and a true competitive advantage.

At every step in the process, we tailor our operations to your needs. And, if your requirements exceed our existing capacity or capabilities, we stand ready to co-invest in enhanced or expanded facilities, equipment, or processes.

We specialize in global continuous production units, batch reaction, ultra high-purity distillation, and solids handling. Our plants are equipped with state-of-the-art control systems with fully integrated by-product recycle and recover.

We are committed to advancing our manufacturing processes, not just for efficiency of operations, but for sustainability and safety of our operations and the environment that surrounds us. Our target is zero by-product or waste generation through a balanced plant concept. We aim to reduce our energy consumption through novel and innovative technology development around new and existing products, all in support of our appetite for sustainability.

Our ISO-9001 and RC-14001 certifications further illustrate our commitment to standards of international quality.