Cure Chemicals

  Cure Chemicals
Product NameProduct Description
  BIK? OT curing agent BIK? OT curing agent.
  HEPTEEN BASE? curing agent HEPTEEN BASE? curing agent is widely used in molded and steam cured natural rubber and pure gum compounds.
  RETARDER ESEN? curing agent RETARDER ESEN? curing agent is an anti-scorch agent designed to greatly improve processing safety.
  ROYALAC? 150 curing agent ROYALAC? 150 curing agent is an innovative rubber chemical developed by Uniroyal Chemical and currently part of SI Group's portfolio as an ultra accelerator for natural and synthetic rubbers.
  TRIMENE BASE? curing agent TRIMENE BASE? curing agent is a high temperature rubber accelerator with a medium to long curing range. It prevents sagging of compounds in early stages of air curing. It is a latex foam stabilizer which prevents foam collapse by causing gelling to take place at a higher pH.  
  NOVAZONE AS stabilizer NOVAZONE AS stabilizer is a strong rubber antioxidant and antiozonant.  
  OCTAMINE stabilizer OCTAMINE? stabilizer is a solid amine-type antioxidant that gives minimum discoloration and maximum protection. Use in sulfur cure systems. Effective in EPDM, Neoprene and nitrile rubbers.